MARBLE Beige Thala



Our marble beige Thala is extracted from Thala’s career and turned in our factories for the coating and other decorative elements. The Thala’s

career is located west of Tunisia, the stone is formed of alternating sediment between limestone and marl. The Thala’s career is known for its

marble beige Thala and grey Thala whose characteristics Geotechnical are:


  • Porosity marble beige Thala: 4 à 4,5 %
  • Density marble beige Thala: 2,67 g/cm³
  • RC marble beige Thala: From 420 to 1100 kg/cm²
  • RU marble beige Thla : MDE = From 21 to 23 poor DIN

Source : ONM 2000


With our 20 years of experience in the processing of marble beige Thala for the local and international market, Marble Firm and its partners

guarantee you a very good value for money for marble beige Thala.


Marble Firm offers its expertise to meet your requirements perfectly. We you accompany all stages of processing to delivery of marble beige

Thala. Our machines high-precision and highly qualified technicians provide you top quality of marble beige Thala.


With our large storage capacity, we guarantee continuous availability of your marble beige Thala we provide transportation in the best conditions

of marble beige Thala.



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